Saturday, 4 March 2017

Britney Spears To Empower Women

Britney Spears

Singer Britney Spears says that her latest perfume Fantasy makes women feel "empowered, flirtatious and sexy".

Spears says she loves making new scents because she believes her beauty products make women feel "sexy, strong and confident" and help her to connect with her supporters, reports

"For me, the original Fantasy is special because it expresses my feminine side, as well as my fun side. Fantasy makes women feel empowered, flirtatious and sexy," Spears said.

"I love creating fragrances, and find inspiration everywhere. I love helping women feel sexy, strong and confident, and I think my fragrances really reflect that. Each scent is a way for me to connect with my fans.

"I love flowers, they always brighten my day and make it feel special. Fantasy in Bloom makes me feel like I'm smelling a gorgeous bouquet," she added.

The "Toxic" hitmaker says she changes the perfumes she wears depending on her mood, and she will never leave her house without a few sprays.

"I love wearing perfume! I'm always changing up my scents, depending on how I'm feeling. I like to choose the fragrance that matches my mood and whatever vibe I want to give. I never forget perfume before I run out the door," she said.



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