Sunday 12 March 2017

'Disneyland' Theme Parking Coming Soon In The UK


A theme park dubbed "the UK Disneyland" is set to open in 2022.

Featuring rollercoasters, a theatre, food outlets, hotels and even a nightclub, the Paramount theme park will be based in Dartford, Kent.

The park will cost a staggering £3.5bn and will feature 50 amazing rides and attractions.

Set to be the first of its kind in Britain, the park will house a host of different areas including Cartoon Circus, Adventure Isle, Starfleet Command, Action Square, Port Paramount and Entertainment City.


Plans for the park will be approved when a development consent order is submitted to the government in November, according to Essex Live.

The park is expected to attract up to 40,000 visitors per day and tickets will cost around £57.

Rides will be based on Paramount films as well as productions from BBC Worldwide shows and Aardman Animations.

So there could well be a Titanic-themed water ride or a Doctor Who-themed rollercoaster.

London Resort Company Holdings are the group behind the park and they have brought in a senior team to come up with the exciting plans.


Humphrey Percy , group CEO of the project's parent company Kuwaiti European Holdings, is confident the plans will go ahead.

"We have the financial backing to take us all the way through that process," he added.

If the government approves the plans work could start in 2019 and it could be up and running in 2022 – just five years time.



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