Wednesday 29 March 2017

Easter 2017 All You Need To Know

Easter 2017

Easter eggs are already in the shops and the end of Lent is almost here but when is Easter weekend next month?

When is Easter Sunday 2017?

Christians around the world are preparing to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday on April 16.

Unlike Christmas, the day changes every year because it does not have a fixed date and is based on the lunar calendar.

Easter always falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon on or after March 21 in Western Christianity.

But the Eastern Orthodox church normally celebrate Easter on different dates because they use a different calendar.

This year is highly unusual because both branches of Christianity will celebrate Easter on the same day - April 16.

One tradition associated with Easter is the giving out of eggs. Christians consider the egg to symbolise death and rebirth.

A twist on the tradition sees chocolate eggs handed out to children as treats or hidden in an Easter egg hunt.

In many European countries, people paint hard-boiled eggs in elaborate designs and take them to church to be blessed.

Christians often bake a traditional Simnel cake or a hot cross bun to go with their traditional Easter family meals.

When is Good Friday?

Good Friday is on April 14 this year and will commemorate the day that Jesus was crucified by the Romans after being betrayed by Judas.

Catholics do not observe mass on the sombre bank holiday and no bells are rung until the Easter Vigil on Saturday when people wait for the resurrection.

Easter 2017
When is Easter Monday?

Easter Monday is on April 17 - the day after Easter Sunday - and is a bank holiday in the UK.

Roman Catholic traditionally sprinkle houses with holy water on Easter Monday.

Easter 2017
When is Palm Sunday?

Palm Sunday fall on April 9 this year because it always takes place a week before Easter Sunday.

According to the Christian tradition, Palm Sunday celebrates the citizens of Jerusalem laying out palm leaves in front of Jesus as he rode into the city.



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