Thursday, 2 March 2017

Eight-Year-Old Syrian Refugee Refused To Leave This Injured Dog And Here Is Why


Hüseyin ran back to his home and took a blanket, draping it over the shivering dog to keep her warm.

He then got the attention of passersby to ask them to call for help, and sat patiently by the dog’s side – gently stroking her head and talking to her until help arrived.


After some time, animal care workers arrived to take the dog to a local vet.

Sadly, she didn’t survive. But thanks to Hüseyin, the dog was able to see a little kindness in her final hours.

Hüseyin’s gesture was noticed by the city’s deputy mayor, Cuma Özdemir, who paid a visit to eight-year-old’s home to thank him for what he’d done. He gave Hüseyin’s family gifts of food and blankets (to replace the one Hüseyin gave to the dog).


Cuma told Haber Turk: ‘It may seem like a small and simple affair to some, but [Hüseyin] has done a great deal for humanity, and putting his own blanket on the dog when he was cold made us feel very moved.’



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