Wednesday 15 March 2017

Five Quick Steps To Avoid Over-Eating

over eating

If we live to eat, food will bring us to death, but if we eat to live food will bring us health. we will eat to live.

Here are five steps that will avoid you from over eating:

1. Concentrate – Studies have proved you can cut your food intake in one sitting by 18% simply by turning off the TV and sitting at the dinner table, rather than eating from your lap.

2. Stop grazing – You are a grazer if you stand at the kitchen cupboard eating the food you have just removed from it. If you must snack, plate the food up properly to instil portion control.

3. Recognise hunger – Ask yourself if you are truly hungry or simply substituting food for an emotion, such as stress or sadness. Eating healthy and sensible portions for breakfast, lunch and dinner will help to recognise when your body needs food as you are less likely to have blood sugar imbalances throughout the day.

4. Chew – This may sound silly, but have you ever counted the amount of times you chew one piece of food? The more you chew the more taste and texture you will get from each bite and the sooner you will be satisfied, meaning you eat less.

5. Slow down – If you are sharing dinner with a friend or even eating alone, take time to put your fork down between mouthfuls and give your brain time to register your food intake. Studies show the slower you eat, the less you eat.



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