Tuesday 7 March 2017

Fraudsters Targeted Talktalk Customers Bank Account


Whistleblowers say there were among hundreds of staff hired to scam customers of the the UK’s fourth biggest telecoms firm.

The three sources, which the BBC said contacted them independently, were working in call centres in India.

Their job was to phone TalkTalk customers – posing as employees of the company – to con them into installing a computer virus onto their computer.

They say they read from script telling customers if they didn’t install the software their computers would stop working.


The virus would then allow crooks to access their computer remotely – and get into their bank account.

TalkTalk was hit by a cyber-attack in October 2015, but that hack appears to be unrelated to the Indian fraud.

A TalkTalk spokesman said: “We are aware that there are criminals targeting a number of UK and international companies, and we take our responsibility to protect our customers very seriously.

“This is why we launched our ‘Beat the Scammers’ campaign, helping all our customers to keep themselves safe from scammers no matter who they claim to be, while our network also proactively blocks over 90 million scam and nuisance calls a month.”



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