Tuesday 28 March 2017

Google Chrome Brought A Special Feature For Users Who Love To Watch Too Much Porn

Google Chrome

Google ChromeGoogle Chrome is a treasure trove of hidden messages, subtle nods and winks.

The world's most popular web browser has a number of hidden features – including an incredibly addictive video game.

Google has also included a tongue-in-cheek message to people who use Incognito Mode, which allows users to browse the web without the Google Chrome saving your web history or form data.

If you reach 100 tabs on the Google Chrome app, the tab count in the top right-hand corner will transform into an old school smiley.

The tab counter appears as :) on iOS, and :D on Android. You can check it out for yourself below...

Google Chrome

However, if you pass 100 tabs in Incognito Mode – something a little spicier happens.

While we would never presume to know what you are busy doing with so many Incognito tabs open (surprise birthday gifts?), Google has a subtle message that seems very appropriate.

Pass 100 Incognito tabs and the Android version of the Google Chrome app will replace the tab counter with a winking face ;).

Below is what the secret Incognito tab looks like...

Google Chrome

Interestingly, this spicy response from Google only appears in the Android version of the app.

People who load more than 100 Incognito tabs on iOS will be greeted with the same old school smiley that appears when loading standard tabs.

The news comes as Google Chrome pushed-out a new version of the app designed to make the hugely-popular web browser less resource-intensive.

According to the official Chromium blog, Google will now throttle background tabs that use excessive power– activity that accounts for a third of Chrome's power usage on computers.

Keeping them in check should dramatically reduce the impact on your computer.

But unlike third-party solutions like the Great Suspender, the in-built solution included in Google Chrome version 57 will not suspend tabs playing audio or maintaining WebSockets or WebRTC connections alone.

The new browser intelligently checks your tabs after 10 seconds in the background to determine whether or not they can be throttled.

According to the team behind Chrome 57, this nifty new mechanism should lead to 25 per cent fewer busy background tabs.

Google Chrome software engineer, Alexander Timin said: "Chrome will continue to take steps in this direction to prolong users' battery life, while still enabling all the same experiences developers can build today."

Chrome 57 is available to download now.



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