Thursday 9 March 2017

Green Buses Begins Operating In Putney


Low emission buses are running along the busy route which regularly breaches annual diesel pollution limits just days into the year.

Nearly 150 buses operating along the road have been retrofitted with high-tech anti-pollutant systems that meet tough emissions standards, or replaced by greener buses.

Putney High Street exceeded hourly legal levels of nitrogen dioxide on 1,248 occasions in 2016. Under EU rules, the limit should not be exceeded more than 18 times in a year.

A further 459 buses on routes operating from Brixton to Streatham, another of the capital’s most polluted routes, will follow in October.

Transport for London will then roll out the rest of the zones to the capital’s most dangerous pollution hotspots - including in Edmonton, Stratford and Haringey - to help reduce toxic nitrogen dioxide there by 84 per cent by 2020.

It is hoped the new green bus zones, announced by Sadiq Khan, will improve air quality for thousands of children at 172 schools located within 100 metres of the routes.



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