Friday 10 March 2017

Mum Of Five Furious After Being Stopped From Entering Asda Store Six Minutes Before It Closed - Here Is What Happened


Antonia Simons from Scunthorpe insists she had plenty of time to pick up a replacement duvet after calling in at 3.54pm on a Sunday.

But a security guard turned her away, telling her the store shut at 4pm.

Asda bosses have defended the move explaining that by law the store must cease trading on the dot on Sundays.

Antonia, who works for Tesco, told Scunthorpe Telegraph: “I pointed out there was still six minutes to go and I had time to get the duvet and pay for it at the tills before they closed – but he still refused me entry.

“A lot of shoppers paying at the tills overheard the exchange and urged the guard to let me in.

“Some others even offered to purchase the duvet for me.”

Antonia claims there was no notice telling customers the latest time they can enter the shop.

Timings can vary from store to store, with staff normally judging entry on how busy it is.

Currently, larger retailers in England and Wales are restricted to trading for a total of six hours between 10am and 6pm on Sundays.

An Asda spokesman said: “The law restricts store opening to six hours on a Sunday and require that we close promptly.

“We always want to serve our customers, but on this occasion time just wasn’t on our side.



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