Wednesday 29 March 2017

Power Rangers Review

Power Rangers Review

It's mighty morphin' time as the rainbow coalition of colour coded superheroes spring into action.

This big budget reboot of the TV show is good and surprisingly fun, in its empty headed way.

Five ordinary teens are rescued from high school detention hell when they are chosen by an ancient alien being to save the Earth.

A young attractive cast bring an earnest enthusiasm and commit themselves with a goofy energy.

Their bonding sessions reference the 1980's classic, The Breakfast Club, but with smartphones and a higher moral purpose.

They're given special powers to battle a 65-million-year-old alien invader who is trying to steal the source of their powers.

Rita Repulsa is looking good for her age, and is played by Elizabeth Banks with a gold swallowing demented glee.

Power Rangers Review

Decent CGI bring to life robot dinosaurs and an army of rock monsters for a town-smashing finale. My 6 year old will probably love it.



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