Friday 10 March 2017

Researcher Reveals There Are Three Types Of Porn Lovers In This World


Fun fact for you: Did you know that there were over 4.6 billion hours of online pornography watched on Pornhub last year?

Yes, we know each and every one of you contributed to that in some way...

But, it seems that not all porn viewers are alike, they fall into three categories according to researchers.

In a recent study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, where a Canadian team examined survey data, they found that there are three kinds of porn users: the recreational, the compulsive, and the distressed.

Recreational: These people watch, on average, 24 minutes of porn per week. This group is mostly made up of women or people in relationships, or both. The study found that people in this group, compared to others, reported higher sexual satisfaction and lower levels of sexual compulsivity, avoidance and dysfunction.

Distressed: The group watches around 17 minutes of porn each week. This category probably feel more shame and disgust after watching porn than other categories.

Compulsive: You watch around 110 minutes of porn each week and the chances are... you're a man.

In the study, 830 people took part with 70% of them being female. They were asked various questions measuring their overall sexual satisfaction, their tendency to avoid sex, sexual dysfunction, and were asked to measure their porn use on a scale.

In a recent interview with PsyPost, leader of the study Marie-Pier Vaillancourt-Morel said that the main message of the study is that porn users are "a heterogeneous population in which distinct subgroups experience quite different sexual outcomes."



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