Saturday 25 March 2017

Retailers Told To Follow Tesco Fuel Pice Cut


Tesco has announced a two pence per litre price cut for petrol and diesel.

The measure was implemented yesterday afternoon, meaning motorists planning to visit relatives on Mothering Sunday could save money.

It is the second such price reduction by the supermarket giant this month. Tesco fuel director Peter Cattell said: "We know many of our customers will be driving to spend time with their mothers this Sunday.

"So to provide a little extra help we're cutting the cost of petrol and diesel by two pence per litre at all of our 500 filling stations."

Latest Government figures showed that on Monday UK motorists were being charged an average of £1.19 per litre for petrol and £1.22 for diesel.

The RAC said Tesco's announcement reflected a recent drop in wholesale costs and urged other retailers to take similar action.

The motoring organisation's fuel spokesman, Simon Williams, said: "The last thing retailers need is for the public's trust in their pricing policies to be undermined."



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