Monday 20 March 2017

Tony Pulis: Arsene Wenger Wants To Stay At Arsenal

Arsene Wenger

The Frenchman, whose contract expires in the summer, is under increasing pressure after Pulis' side beat Arsenal 3-1 on Saturday - a result which leaves the Gunners in sixth place after their fourth defeat in five Premier League games.

After that result at the Hawthorns, Wenger revealed he has made a decision on his future following months of speculation and said he will announce it "very soon" but Pulis has claimed that the 67-year-old has decided that he wants to stay at the Emirates.

According to the Sun, when asked if he thought Wenger would stay at Arsenal, Pulis said: "I'll be surprised if he goes."

He was then asked to expand on that and why he thought that would be the case and, with a wry smile, said: "Because he told me."

Arsene Wenger

Arsenal have yet to comment on Pulis' remarks - and have not denied reports that Wenger has decided to remain at the club into next season.

During the 3-1 defeat at the Hawthorns, two aeroplanes flew overhead displaying different banners on Wenger's future, with one calling on Arsenal fans to respect and back the manager, with another one reading: "No Contract #WengerOut".

Some supporters also displayed banners in the stadium calling for him to go but Wenger said he would not judge those fans.

"Everybody in life is responsible for his own behaviour. I'm responsible for my own behaviour. I don't judge other people. I give my best," he said.

Arsene Wenger

"As long as I'm at the club, whether for two more years, 10 years or four months, that will not be different. As for all the rest, everybody has to look at themselves."



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