Wednesday 8 March 2017

UK's Homebuyers Are Facing An Uncertainty And Here Is Why

house price

Annual house price growth slowed to the weakest rate seen in nearly four years in February, according to an index.

House prices were 5.1% higher than a year earlier, marking the smallest increase seen since a 4.6% year-on-year rise in July 2013, Halifax said.

Across the UK, house prices are now increasing at around half the rate seen a year ago. In March 2016, annual house price growth stood at 10%.

Property values increased by 0.1% between January and February following a 1.1% monthly fall in January.

House price rises

Martin Ellis, a housing economist at Halifax, said: "Housing demand is being supported by an economy that continues to perform well with employment still expanding. Meanwhile, the supply of both new homes and existing properties available for sale remains low. This combination is pushing up prices.

"The annual rate of house price growth has, however, nearly halved over the past 11 months. A sustained period of house price growth in excess of pay rises has made it increasingly difficult for many to purchase a home.

"This development, together with signs of reduced momentum in the jobs market and squeezed consumer spending power, is expected to curb house price growth during 2017."



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