Wednesday 22 March 2017

Vodafone Announces It Will Hike Bills For Millions Of Customers From April


The firm is allowed to push up prices because of a clause in its terms and conditions that warns customers about possible price increases in line with inflation. The mid-contract bill increase will affect millions of Vodafone customers

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) today announced that the Retail Prices Index (RPI) measure of inflation rose from 2.6 per cent in January to 3.2 per cent in the year to February.

Bills will go up for customers who took out a pay monthly contract after May 5 last year – including those who have upgraded – from April.

It means a customer with a £47 a month contract will see their bill go up by £18 a year.

A customer on a £12 a month SIM only deal will see a rise of 38p a month – pushing up their bills by £4.56 a year.

Customers can visit the Vodafone website for more information on the changes.

Vodafone’s rise is bigger than the increases already announced by rival networks EE and O2 earlier this year.

EE is pushing up some customers bills by 2.5 per cent from March 30 in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI) announced by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in January.

While 02 is increasing monthly bills for its pay-monthly and sim-only customers by 2.6 per cent in April, in line with the latest RPI figure announced last month.



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