Thursday, 2 March 2017

You Can Definitely Go To New Zealand If You Agree With This

New Zealand

Looking to relocate?

New Zealand is hiring – and they will fly you there just for the interview.

If you feel your job has become a bit stagnant of late, doing the same old thing day in and day out, it may be time for a change.

The tech industry in New Zealand’s capital city Wellington are looking to recruit computing experts from around the world.

And they’re offering a free trip down under – complete with airfares and accommodation – to anyone who wants to apply for the role.

The waterfront city is home to a slew of cafes, bars, boutique shops and is the port for the ferry which will take you to the south island.

The city is looking to bring in 100 new creative directors, software developers, product managers, digital strategists and analysts to “invigorate” the 4million-strong country’s growing tech scheme.

The one catch – or benefit depending on how you see it – you would have to move to New Zealand.

So the country is hosting a “global talent attraction programme” to entice techies to think about the move.

The city will host 100 candidates for a free week-long trip where the applicants will attend job interviews and get to know New Zealand a bit more.

Those who are interested can start by registering their interest online with LookSee Wellington and can create a profile.

Tech firms from around the city will then nominate their favourite candidates and the 100 most-nominated candidates will be invited to Aoteroa (the native Maori name for the country meaning “land of the long white cloud").

Interested applicants have until March 20 to submit their resumes and interviews will take place in New Zealand from May 8 to 11.



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