Tuesday 4 April 2017

Arsene Wenger Definitely Not 'Scared' By Fan Unrest

Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger says he is not "scared" by the fan unrest about his future and remains focused on his job.

And Wenger reiterated that there will be an announcement "soon" on whether he will remain at the club.

Wenger has been at Arsenal since 1996 but his contract expires at the end of the season and he has not yet revealed whether he will be signing a new one.

The Gunners boss has won three Premier League titles with Arsenal but the last was in 2004 and a section of fans have been campaigning for him to leave, in the wake of disappointing recent results which have left a top-four finish in doubt.

Asked at his media briefing on Tuesday morning if he was planning to stay, Wenger said: "I have answered that question many times.

"You ask again. Don't worry, you will get that soon."

The Gunners face West Ham at the Emirates on Wednesday night and Wenger says that match is his current concern, rather than the fans who want him to call time on his Gunners tenure.

"Honestly, I am professional and when you are professional you perform in ideal conditions and non-ideal conditions," he added.

"I love to win football games, I just focus on that. I work for my club with honesty and integrity.

"I am not scared. I accept the judgement of people and focus on the game. That's it.

"What is important is a good football team on the pitch playing good football. The rest is just literature. What is important is playing with the right spirit, the right attitude.

"I care about Arsenal, about the club, about what we have achieved and what we want to achieve. That's what you want to do.

"I will support Arsenal when I'm not here any more, exactly the same. What you want is the fans to stand behind the team.

"I think if I've shown one thing in my 20 years, it's that I care about Arsenal, I care about the next game, and I will continue to do that as long as I'm here."

Arsenal have never finished outside the top four under Wenger but they are currently sixth in the standings, seven points behind fourth-placed Manchester City.

However, the manager thinks another top-four finish remains achievable and added: "It's a good challenge but I think it's certainly possible.

"For 20 years I have done it and it looked nothing. Suddenly now it's important and people realise it is not as easy as it looked. (Pep) Guardiola (Manchester City manager) said to achieve top four is a trophy.

"We have many games in April, we need everybody on board. We need the support of our fans in games.

"We play as well in the semi-final of the FA Cup (against Man City on 23 April), it's all to go for. It's a good opportunity to show we are united.

"We are fighting to have a positive end of season, that's why you want the fans to stand behind the team.

"Let's finish as strong as we can. Let's show our mental resilience."



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