Wednesday 19 April 2017

Homeless Person Spotted Sleeping On Ledge 20FT Above River Thames


The shocking picture taken in central London highlights the grim reality of life on the streets.

Taken from above, the snap shows the unknown man perilously perched on the ridge at Charing Cross Bridge.

Just a stone’s throw from the Houses of Parliament, the rough-sleeper takes his life in his hands for the chance of some privacy and shelter from the cold wind.

With barely a foot between him and a 20ft drop into the water, the man risks death if he were to roll over in his sleep.


And he would have had to make the precarious leap over a concrete barrier to get to the relatively secluded platform.

Sleeping rough is a dangerous business and on average, homeless people die at just 47 years old, according to Crisis.

The homeless charity claims those sleeping on the streets are 17 times more likely to fall victims to violence.

This may help to explain why some, like the man in the photo – are resorting to ever-more desperate measures to stay out of sight.

A rise in the number of homeless people sleeping in waste bins has sparked concerns in UK's waste disposal industry that someone could accidentally be killed.

These fears have been heightened by the disappearance of RAF serviceman Corrie McKeague – who it has been suggested could have fallen asleep inside a dumpster while drunk after a night out.



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