Saturday 1 April 2017

Jennifer Lopez Sued Over Hoverboards

Jennifer Lopez

Singer-actress Jennifer Lopez has been sued by a hoverboards company for not keeping her end of the contract.

Lopez got some customised hoverboards for her Las Vegas show from Sidekick Group Corp.

The company says it shipped out 42 hoverboards for Lopez and her dancers to use in her All I Have show at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, and didn't charge her cash. However, their signed contract required Lopez to do a few things in return, reported.

In return, she had given her word that she would make promotional posts for the brand on Instagram or Twitter once every three months. But Sidekick Group Corp says she only posted once, and later deleted it, the lawsuit claims.

The company says the hoverboards cost a total of $54,390, which were customised for the show.



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