Tuesday 11 April 2017

Six Easy Ways To Speed Up Your Progress At The Gym


It can be frustrating when you up your gym game, but don’t see the results you are looking for.

Most of the time, this is because you have hit a plateau or because you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough.

But if you're adamant about getting ripped fast, here are six ways to make faster progress at the gym:

1. Take progress pics

Whether you create an Instagram account or keep them for your own personal reflection, progress picture are the best way to keep track of how much your body is changing.

Every day you see your body in the mirror so you won’t notice these small changes, but the pictures will help show how much progress you’ve made since you began.

2. Add some variety to your routine

If you’re facing a plateau, it’s likely you’re routine isn’t varied enough.

In order to break out of this slump, you need to shake up your routine every four to six weeks and introduce new adaptations of your workout.

3. Find a gym buddy

A workout partner, whether it’s your significant other or a friend can be a major motivator when it comes to going to the gym.

This person will be able to keep you accountable and also make working out more fun. If none of your friends are gym fans, think about joining a local running group.

4. Just do it

Recent studies show that by missing just one workout, you are much more likely to miss others following.

So make sure you stick to your workout days and if you plan to go to they gym, go even if you’ve had a bad day. You’ll feel so much better when you leave.

5. Map your progress

There are a multitude of apps you can use these days to see your progress and hold you accountable for your exercise.

These apps will show you how much progress you’ve made since the beginning and when you have a streak of workouts, the visual cues can psychologically enhance your motivation.

6. Make a plan

Have a goal. Whether you want to run marathon, take part in CrossFit championships or simply get fitter, have this goal in mind which will help to motivate you.

Often you won’t notice the changes in your body for up to a month after you start working out so keep at it and plan out how many times you can workout a week and plan each workout to get the most out of it.



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