Sunday 2 April 2017

This Is Where To Sit On A Plane To Get The Quietest Seats

Sit On A Plane

Getting on a plane, passengers usually have little control over who their seat-mates will be.

Screaming babies or overly chatty neighbours are just par for the course.

However, one thing travellers can control is the amount of engine noise they have to put up with.

Airline JetBlue asked experienced pilot Chris which seats were the quietest on a plane.

He said: “There is less noise when you are sitting forward on the wings.

“On most planes the engines are located under the wings.

“Sitting in front of the wing is like being behind a speaker.

“All of the sounds of the engine and disturbed air are projected away from you.

“For a more peaceful ride, find a seat in the front of the cabin.”

This comes after revealed the one thing you can do on a flight to get better service from the flight attendants.

Flight attendants took to online forum Quora to reveal what they most appreciate from passengers.

They revealed that it’s quite common for people on a flight to be rude – not saying hello or goodbye or even smiling at cabin crew as they leave the plane.

It was suggested that some flight attendants will treat passengers differently if they’re rude or standoffish.

Sjaak Schulteis, who worked for 30 years as a cabin attendant for Lufthansa German Airlines, said: “I had once a colleague who came into the galley and said to me: ‘don't do anything for passenger on seat no. so and so. He never says thank you.’”

Although Sjaak disagreed with his colleague’s attitude – “just because we have to be friendly to them, doesn't mean that they have to be friendly to us” – it demonstrates that, for some flight attendants, it can negatively impact the way they treat passengers.

A smile goes a long way according to many flight attendants.



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