Friday 14 April 2017

Vodafone Scraps Roaming Charges In 40 countries


From now Vodafone customers will be able to use their call, text and data allowance in 40 countries without paying extra – but there’s a catch.

The perk only applies to new pay-monthly customers or those that upgrade their contract.

Mobile firms are to be banned from charging customers extra when abroad in the EU from June 15.

Holiday destinations including Spain, Turkey, Croatia and France are included in the deal, as well as a number of non-EU states such as Norway, Iceland and Turkey.

Outside of the roam-free area customers will be charged £5 a day to use their mobile plan in a further 60 destinations.

Roaming rates outside the 100 countries selected by Vodafone will vary.

Customers should check the Vodafone website before they travel to make sure they don’t incur any large charges.

Rival Three Mobile already offers free roaming – for new and existing customers – in 42 countries on advanced plans.


As part of a raft of change, including a new range of tariffs, the mobile firm has introduced flexible upgrades for new and existing customers.

It means customers will be able to trade-in their current phone and use the money towards paying off the rest of their contract balance.

Vodafone’s UK CEO said that the shake-up is in response to customers telling the mobile phone firm that they want it to change, along with the rest of the industry.

He said: “They want life to be simpler and for us to remove the things which make life stressful so they can live their lives, uninterrupted by these concerns.”



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