Wednesday 3 May 2017

10 Cheapest Holiday Destinations In May


Going on holiday abroad doesn’t have to cost the Earth. In fact, if you’re flexible with dates and destinations you can bag bargain return flights for less than £10.

When looking for cheap deals it’s best to use holiday comparison sights like Skyscanner or Opodo and search in an incognito Google window – this means sites can’t track what you’ve been looking at and bump the prices up.

If you can avoid school holiday season this will also reduce your flight and accommodation prices drastically.

May is a great time to go away because it is out of high season, but the weather is hotting up on this side of the equator.

This means you can enjoy the spring sunshine in many European destinations for pittance.

Here are the 10 cheapest flights in May:

1. France: £9

You can fly from London to Bordeaux for under £10 – flights on the way out are as little as £4 and return flights are a minuscule £5.

Bordeaux is a famed wine-growing region located close to the European Atlantic coast.

2. Bulgaria: £11

Flights from London to Sofia – the capital of Bulgaria – are currently just £11.

What’s more the beautiful city has just been named the cheapest place to stay in the world, according to a study that looked at 84 countries.

3. Switzerland: £15

Direct flights from London to Basel in Switzerland are currently on sale for as little as £15. If you’re willing to fly midweek you can get a one-way ticket for just £7.

However, be wary as Switzerland is very expensive when you get there.

4. Germany: £15

With flights from London to Cologne just £15 and flights from London to Berlin just £18, you’d be a fool not to visit Germany this year.

5. Demark: £16

If you can fly mid-week you can bag a bargain flight from London to Copenhagen for just £16.

The stunning city is home to Noma – voted the best restaurant in the world.

Paper Island, a quirky food market, is also a must visit and if you’re after something a little different you could stay on The Copenhagen Houseboat.

6. Poland: £16

Flights to Szymany are just £16 return or if you wanted to visit the capital of Warsaw it would set you back just £26.

7. Romania: £17

Flights from Liverpool to Craiova – Romania's 6th largest city and capital of Dolj County – are just £17 return.

If you’d rather fly to the capital of Bucharest it will cost you £31 return from London.

8. Belgium: £18

If you live in Manchester you can nab flights to Brussels for as little as £18 next month, but hurry there are not many seats left.

9. Ireland: £18

You can fly to Dublin from Leeds, Newcastle and Nottingham for just £18 return in May.

10. Luxembourg: £18

If you want to go off-the-beaten-track slightly Luxembourg is a great shout.

The tiny country is surrounded by Belgium, France and Germany and return flights from London are currently just £18.



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