Monday 8 May 2017

Council House Smoking Ban Could Coming Into Force In The UK


Tenants could be forced to sign “smoke-free agreements” before moving into local authority owned properties under the changes.

The radical move could be the latest government measure to hammer smokers after a raft of bans and laws were put forward.

From May 21, 2017, rolling tobacco under 30g and 10 packs of menthol cigarettes will disappear from shelves under sweeping new rules.

Plain packaging and more health warnings on fag packets have also been enforced.

Professor John Middleton, president of the Faculty of Public Health, said smoking in homes is damaging for the health of children and babies.

He told the Sunday Times: “Housing associations and councils are looking at smoke-free housing buildings.

“Where children are involved I think there is a real case for it.

“You wouldn’t evict a load of tenants for smoking.

“Where you have got new premises, you could have smoke-free agreements from the start.”

Deborah Arnott, chief executive of anti-smoking charity Ash, said councils have limited scope to “take action”, leaving tenants frustrated.

But pro-smoking campaigner Simon Clark claimed the ban “would penalise unfairly those who can’t afford to buy their own homes”.

Britain has taken a tougher stance on “harmful” and “dangerous” cigarettes thanks to EU directives on tobacco.

In May last year tobacco giants lost a High Court challenge over the government’s new plain packaging rules.

But now leading lawyers, academics and health campaigners have warned that Brexit could turn the tables in favour of tobacco firms.

Once Brexit is complete, British citizens risk losing their “fundamental right to health”, they have warned.



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