Tuesday 16 May 2017

EE: Thousands Of People Without Internet After Mobile Phone 4G Crash


Mobile phone users complained of being unable to send messages, emails or use the internet after the data outage hit on Tuesday morning.

London, Birmingham and Glasgow were some of the worst areas affected by the network failure, website Down Detector reported.

Thousands of people complained of a data outage lasting for hours.

In London, one EE user Susan Yan Mach complained: “Haven’t been able to connect to 3G all morning. Error message ‘Could not connect to mobile network data. PDP authentication failure.”

Lynda Athey Watson said she also experienced a similar message on her iPhone 6S.

Reports of a network outage in London began flooding in from 6am on Monday, with hundreds of complaints being made by 9am.

One of the worst affected areas in the capital was Streatham but people across the city complained of apps and internet failing to load on their mobiles.

At 11.10am, an EE spokesman said a full data service was restored for customers.

He added: "Phone calls and text messages were unaffected, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused."



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