Sunday 21 May 2017

How To Deal With Toothache At Night


It can prevent you from enjoying your daily activities, eating, and sleeping. The most common problem with this pain is that it becomes worse at night. It is more likely to worsen at night when you try to sleep or lie down. Fortunately, you can deal with it by following a few simple tips.

Using baking soda and salts.

If an abscessed tooth is responsible for your toothache, you should mix equal portions of baking soda and salt, and pat cotton in some water before dipping it in this powder. You should then place this cotton in between your teeth and cheek. Do not place it directly inside your tooth. You can relieve pressure and toothache by leaving a cotton ball overnight.


You can have toothache at night because of stacked food particles in your teeth. Hence, you should remove any clogged foods by flossing.

Sleeping in an elevated position.

Increased pressure to the head when trying to lie down makes your toothache more pronounced at night when you want to sleep. Hence you should limit this effect by sleeping in an elevated position. Bundle 2 or 3 pillows under the neck in order to elevate your head. Using warm salty water and per oxide to rinse your mouth after food.

Using clove oil.

You should therefore dip a cotton ball in this oil and insert it in your tooth or apply it on your gum. It will enable you to sleep without experiencing pain by providing some relief.

Applying a cold ice pack.

Sometimes heat may make the pain worse. Hence, you should apply a very cold ice pack compress where you are experiencing the pain in order to relieve toothache at night. You can soak a cloth in some ice chill water before placing it externally over the affected tooth or use some raw ice cubes.

You should sip some whisky and spit it out in order to rinse your mouth before sleeping. This may greatly help you to sleep peacefully without experiencing any pain.



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