Saturday 13 May 2017

How To Get A Passport For Your Children

British Passport

There are many ways a child’s passport differs from their adult counterparts.

They are cheaper to get a hold of but they also last only half the time.

All British citizens require a passport to travel, so you can apply for your child’s passport from newborn right up until age 15.

A child’s passport is valid for five years compared to the standard adult length of 10 years.

The passport usually takes about three weeks but you can use the Fast Track service if you need it urgently.

How do you apply for a child’s passport?

If you’re in the UK, you can apply, renew or update your child’s passport online or via post.

The online application portal can be accessed at

Otherwise you can collect a paper form from your nearest Post Office and post it or use the Check and Send service.

If your child is 12 or over, they will need to complete section six of the form.

A countersignatory will need to sign the form if:

  • they’re aged 11 or under

  • they’ve never had a British passport before

  • they can’t be recognised from the photo in their old passport

  • their old passport has been lost, stolen or damaged

Along with the application form, you’ll have to send in passport photos and identification documents.

The same passport photo rules apply for a child’s passport as to an adult’s.

You’ll need to supply original identification documents which prove that your child is British citizen, such as a birth certificate.

If your child is 15 but will be 16 within the next three weeks, they must apply for a 10-year adult passport.

But the HM Passport Office advises: “Your child can use their child passport until it expires, even if they’re over 18.”

How much is a child’s passport?

It costs £46 for a child’s passport if you’re applying online or by post.

If you’re using the Post Office Passport Check and Send service, it will cost £55.75.

This fee can be paid by credit card, debit card, cheque or postal order.



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