Monday 8 May 2017

Nearly Half Of British Workers Eat At Their Desk


A new survey of 2,000 people into our snacking habits found that 47 per cent of us tuck into ‘elevenses’ at the workplace without telling our partners back home.

And while many of us take in a healthy bite to eat, like fruit and low-fat yoghurts, 34 per cent confessed to dumping it and tucking into an indulgent treat instead.

A bacon sandwich (49 per cent) topped the list of the UK’s favourite secret morning treats, followed by biscuits (44 per cent).

The next favourite secret morning snack are crisps (36 per cent), followed by sweets (34 per cent), and pastries or pasties (21 per cent).

Despite feeling guilty, 67 per cent said they snack to boost their energy levels for their jobs.

The survey of 2,015 office-working UK adults, was commissioned by building trade suppliers and website IronmongeryDirect.

Today its managing director Wayne Lysaght-Mason said: “The workplace can be a minefield of food temptations and despite best intentions, indulgent treats can replace healthy ones.

“Our sweet and savoury snacks then become secret and not shared with our partners. However, we want to champion our best loved snack and find the best place in the UK to get a bacon butty.”

The worst workplace culprits for secret snacking were tradespeople, with 41 per cent confessing to keeping their workplace snacking habits hush.

Mr Lysaght-Mason added: “Those with demanding jobs are more likely to snack or eat on the go to keep their energy levels high for the physically demanding tasks.”

Information and communication workers (36 per cent) were second in the secret snacking stakes, followed by those in professional services (31 per cent), including law and accountancy workers.

Seventy-four per cent of workers confessed to indulging in a snack at least once a week, while 35 per cent do it daily.


Bacon sandwich 49 per cent
Biscuits 44 per cent
Chocolate 39 per cent
Crisps 36 per cent
Sweets 34 per cent
Pastries 21 per cent
Cake 19 per cent
Breakfast bars 17 per cent
Sausage sandwich 14 per cent
Popcorn 5 per cent



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