Tuesday 9 May 2017

Sadiq Khan Celebrates His First Anniversary As A 'Mayor Of London'

Sadiq Khan

More than 1.3m Londoners voted for him - that's almost 57% of those voting - and he quit as Tooting MP straight away to become in his words a "full-time mayor".

Weeks later events overshadowed his win as the EU referendum result went against the wishes of almost 60% of Londoners and Mr Khan became a cheerleader for an "open" London.

And in March, he was faced with the news all London mayors dread, yet expect - a terrorist attack in the capital.

A year on and Sadiq Khan remains a popular figure in the capital. A YouGov poll commissioned by the Mile End Institute at Queen Mary University in March found that 58% of those surveyed thought he was doing good job.

And like Ken and Boris before him, Sadiq has become known by his first name alone in what is now something of a tradition for London mayors.

When it comes to leadership style though, his approach has not been nearly as flamboyant as that of his predecessors.



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