Tuesday 16 May 2017

What Types Of Holiday Personality You Are?


New research discovered five different holiday types and showed that four out of every 10 Brits plan to relax completely on their next getaway - the classic "unwinder".

The Adventurer is someone who’s on the hunt for an action packed holiday that raises the pulse.

The Unwinder is happy wherever they go, as long as they get the chance to relax in a beautiful new location.

The Epicurean always knows the best places to try local cuisine and will eat anything once.

The Curator is someone who’s always looking for local culture and traditions different from what they see every day.

The Chameleon relishes new opportunities and experiences, feeling totally comfortable whether it’s in a beach or a city.

James McClure, General Manager of Northern Europe for Airbnb said: "We know that families have different holiday preferences and are looking for different experiences, but no matter what type of holiday, our survey shows that all families seek magical and memorable moments that expands their horizons and takes them away from everyday life.

"We found that nearly a quarter of our respondents said the most important factor to them when booking a holiday was how close they were to a beach or a sun lounger.

“And the main purpose of a holiday was to sit back and relax from the moment of arrival."

The survey of 2,000 parents was carried out via OnePoll to see which holiday type was most popular with British families.

A fifth selected themselves as curators, who spend their trips exploring as much local culture and traditions as possible.

And just one in 10 will ask for a waiter’s recommendation in a restaurant – preferring to pick themselves, an epicurean trait.

Adventurer types say that the activities they’d most like to try on a trip are an extreme sport like hang gliding, or taking an off-road trip in a jeep.

And 15 percent of respondents identified as chameleons, saying they want to keep trying new landscapes and locations wherever they travel.

The study also found that visiting local markets is the most popular holiday activity.

This was followed by checking out local museums and places of interest, and more than a third said they’d be happy spending the whole day lying on the beach.

The poll also asked 500 children aged 6-12 about what they’d most like to get out of their holidays.

Unsurprisingly, more than half chose a trip packed with lots of action and adventure as their number-one type of holiday.

Discovering new adventures topped the list of holiday activities for youngsters, although nearly a quarter said they’d also be happy just to relax on a beach.

Almost six in 10 say they’ve learned about different types of food when abroad, and 25 per cent say they’ve learned a foreign language.

And even a third of grandparents say they’d like to visit a theme park or water park when on holiday – although for the older generation, finding local food is their top priority when on holiday.

James McClure added: "Airbnb offers transformational experiences for families where they can explore the world and enjoy adventures together.

"Families can search on Airbnb for homes that have the right facilities, in a location they love and with the privacy they need to spend time together.

"The results from this research has been so enlightening that we have created our own family personality test so that other families can find out what type they are."



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