Wednesday 19 October 2016

Facts about cosmetics


Cosmetics was founded by Elizabeth Arden on October 18, 1966. She is the founder of the cosmetics empire that bears her name. She died at the age of 87.

Here are some of the quick facts about cosmetics:

1. Arden was born in Canada, where her parents had emigrated from Cornwall. Her original name was Florence Nightingale Graham.

2. One of the earliest references to cosmetics is in the Old Testament 2 Kings 9:30 which tells of Jezebel putting on eye make-up.

3. The use of cosmetics was also documented in Ancient Egypt and may go back 6,000 years.

4. In the Middle Ages, the Catholic church generally considered the use of cosmetics a sin.

5. Though some made exceptions for those who had been made unattractive by illness.

6. "A woman without paint is like food without salt." (Roman dramatist Plautus around 200BC).

7. In ancient Rome, lipstick was a mark of social rank and was seen as a sign of status for both men and women.

8. The European Patent Office lists 7,826 items with "deodorant" in their title, plus two more with the misspelt "doedorant".

9. The average UK woman spends two years of her life applying make-up costing around £100,000.

10. The word "cosmetic" comes from the same root as "cosmos" meaning order or adornment.



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