Friday 7 October 2016

Has your recipient read your email?

email recipient

Institutional work or personal use, easy communication media is now an e-mail.

But there was urgent work by sending an e-mail, but you're not sure whether the receipent has red your email or not.

There is a way to check it. You can use mail tracker by adding an extention for your Gmail account. When your email would read it will notify as a two green check mark will appear next to e-mail.

That's it, check your e-mail confirmation, when and how many times it would have been read.

To activate this feature you need to log in to your Gmail account. Then sign in to Next page would ask you whether would you like to add mailtracker with your Gmail account. Please read the terms and conditions and Accept. To activate Gmail Sign the log. Click the icon shown tracker mail.

Click on the ACTIVATE MAILTRACK- you're almost done. To start using MailTrack SIGN IN WITH GOOGLE below and click the button again. The tracker will be added to your Gmail for everything.

Send e-mail to anyone from the Compose mail. When he sent the e-mail by e-mail through the green check mark will be notified when your e-mail has been read.

Tracked Emails on or below the All Email, Read Emails, Unread Emails the show. In addition, you can adjust your choice options, go to Settings.



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