Friday 7 October 2016

Jos Buttler admits his team is feeling safer

England Cricket

England Cricket captain is feeling safer and securer.

Jos Buttler admitted to a sense of alarm and shock at seeing television pictures of the evacuation drill being carried out by Bangladesh special forces at the cricket ground in Mirpur as they continue to be on red alert for a terrorist attack.

Buttler captains England for the first time on Friday night in 50 over cricket and the security will be at its strictest as 25,000 fans stream into the Sher-e-Bangla Stadium.

England Cricket

Bangladesh’s anti-terrorist police held a dramatic mock evacuation at the stadium on Thursday with troops jumping from a helicopter that landed on the practice ground. They fired blank bullets and fake tear gas canisters before rushing into the players’ dressing room where they evacuated people posing as cricketers into the waiting helicopters.

England Cricket

The England players have become used to the elaborate security that accompanies them from their hotel to the cricket ground but the evacuation drill was on a different level.

"It was very visual and I was actually watching Sky Sports News and saw the pictures," said Buttler. "It’s quite eye opening and something you hope that we will never ever have to see - it’s a shock and it’s sad that it has to be there.

England Cricket

"But everything has been in good order. Travel to and from the ground has been great for us although I’m sure it’s been a bit frustrating for the locals. Security has been great so far, I think the guys within the group haven't even mentioned it. That’s fantastic for us as the guys in the group are very settled and focused on cricket."

England Cricket

The Bangladesh government is footing the bill for the hundreds of police officers and emergency services involved in guarding the players. It was only after the Bangladesh government presented a comprehensive security plan that the tour was given the go ahead. The team hotel is situated next on the Army cantonment and armed guards patrol the grounds.



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