Friday 21 October 2016

Health tips for Londoners

Health tips for Londoners

London, the capital of England and the United Kingdom. It has the population of exceeding 8.674 million. There is an increasing demand of construction on everywhere, therefore pollution is not so much uncommon from this city as a feedback.

But there are some tips which you can use to survive in London:

1. Eat clean

As well as these toxins in the environment which we absorb by the by, there are those which are in our food. For example our vegetables are sprayed with pesticides, and other processed foods are injected with chemicals to keep them fresh for longer. Equally as important is getting our bodies to efficiently eject these toxins in our waste. With this in mind, it is in our interest to eat as cleanly as possible. What I mean by this is eating foods which our body understands and can process easily which, in general, are whole organic foods, fresh veg, whole grains, organic meat and wild fish. Cooking from scratch also gives your complete control over what is in your food. By doing this, you give your body the best chance of concentrating of working on those chemicals being absorbed from the air and not the digestive system.

2. Avoid avoidable chemicals

These include commercial cleaning fluids, cosmetic products, household products such as chemical toilet cleaners, washing powders, hand soaps, plug-in deodorisers, and sometimes new carpets etc. Slowly the market of 'clean' household products is becoming more clear and available. To seek out these 'cleaner' products visit your local health food store, who, if they don't sell these products could point you in the right direction.

3. Note your sensitivities

If you know you are sensitive to particular foods or chemicals (however delicious or 'necessary') get rid of them. While your body should be working on getting rid of chemicals from the environment, it is instead putting its energies into trying to 'deal' with these sensitivities. For example, more and more people are reacting to wheat, certain household goods like washing powder, and makeup. Take note, and avoid.

4. Get some fresh air

Your lungs are, amongst other avenues, an organ of toxin elimination and are linked to many other physiological processes in the body, including stress – think yoga. Use them. Make an effort to get out into the fresh, clean air. With the London transport network this is not hard. Go for a blustery walk on the north downs, south downs, the beach at Brighton or further afield. Gulp in the clean air and breathe out the toxins.

5. Get moving

Your circulatory and lymphatic systems are the transporters of nutrients and toxins to and away from the cells. Though the blood has the heart to pump it round the body, the lymph (think snot) relies on 'pumps' triggered by the movement of our skeletal muscles. The action of walking is one of these pumps. Also, building up body heat enables easier flow of the blood and lymph, and hence more efficient elimination through the skin and also in stimulating 'chemical processing' organs such as the liver. Try to exercise away from main roads.

6. Drink water

The kidneys and urine are the main route out of the body for water soluble toxins. The bowels and skin and their eliminative capabilities are also affected by water. Drinking up to 2 litres of water daily can dramatically help keep toxins moving out. Yes you may be running to the loo more frequently, but the body will settle soon enough. If you are exercising, add to this quantity.

7. Beware of generic 'cleansing' programmes

You and your body are unique. There are a lot of 'retreats' one can go on to 'cleanse' via specific protocols. Beware of these as the 'one size fits all' model, when it comes to the individual, may not work. If you want a serious detox I recommend visiting your local nutritionist or naturopath who can guide you through a detox that works for you.

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