Sunday 23 October 2016

How to get tickets for the London fireworks

London fireworks

Wanting to see London fireworks comes once in a lifetime. But accessing into firework area is no longer free as it was before couple of years ago. So you need to book your tickts in advance

New Year's Eve might feel like a long time away but you should get tickets as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

All 100,000 tickets are expected to go very quickly because the spectacular firework display is so popular among Londoners.

How to get tickets to the London fireworks

The tickets cost £10 each. You can buy up to four tickets person via the SeeTickets website.

The Mayor of London's New Year's Eve webpage appears to have crashed as thousands of people try to get tickets.

Buyers can choose between five ticketed viewing areas, which all offer great views of the fireworks over London.

You should make sure that you get tickets for the side of the river that you can get home from the easiest.

If you miss out on tickets today, make sure you are ready for the release of a smaller number of tickets in early December.

What are the different viewing areas?

The blue and red viewing areas can only be reached from the north side of the River Thames.

But the white, green and pink viewing areas can only be accessed from the south side of the river.

Blue area: The stretch of Victoria Embankment from Westminster Bridge to Embankment Underground station.

Red area: The stretch of Victoria Embankment from Embankment Underground station to Temple Underground Station.

White area: Access to Westminster Bridge. This area cannot be reached via Westminster Tube Station.

Green area: The viewing area behind the London Eye.

Pink area: Access to Waterloo Bridge.

There is also an accessible viewing area on the Albert Embankment, riverside of St Thomas' Hospital, which can be reached from the south.



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