Sunday 23 October 2016

John Howard says Australia need to tighten its gun law

John Howard

Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard says the nation's gun laws shouldn't be weakened and could even be strengthened.

The comments from Howard, who imposed restrictions in 1996, comes after debate in parliament about the controversial Adler A-110 shotgun, which can fire eight shots in eight seconds.

Mr Howard told Fairfax Media in Sydney the nation's laws are 'respected around the world as being very effective'.

'They have made Australia a much safer country and I just don't want to see any weakening,' he said on Saturday.

'And, where the opportunity might arise, they could even be strengthened.'

The Abbott government in 2015 paused the importation of the Adler 110 shotgun in the wake of the Lindt cafe siege.

State police ministers this week failed to agree on the gun's reclassification, continuing its banned status.

Mr Howard said contemporary gun issues were a 'matter for the government of the day.'

'But my principle as everybody would accept and expect is I don't want to see any weakening of our gun laws,' he said.



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