Thursday 10 November 2016

American Muslims Are Worried About To Wear Hijabs


Social media was flooded with comments from followers of Islam who were concerned they would be unsafe when the Republican takes office.

Mr Trump – who called for an outright ban on Muslims entering the US – swept to victory in the Presidential election on Wednesday.

Sarah Magdy said: "Should we presume that groping women will be legal and wearing Hijab will be criminalized in the #US? #trumpwins."

Another user, tweeting as Ascia AKF, wrote: "Okay so which hijabi blogger is going to release the "how to make your hijab look like hair for going out in America" tutorial?"

Ehsan Zaffar said: "Friend who wears hijab: I’m afraid. I feel like there is a target on my head now literally. #ElectionNight is very different for many of us."

Another user said that already during Mr Trump’s campaign she had been targeted for wearing a headscarf.



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