Thursday 10 November 2016

May congratulates Trump on victory but Corbyn is still concern


Theresa May has congratulated Donald Trump on his US presidential election victory, as the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, and his Lib Dem counterpart, Tim Farron, expressed deep unease at the result.

The prime minister said she was confident that strong co-operation on trade, security and defence would continue with the Republican in the White House, despite his presidential campaign pledges to pursue a more protectionist economic policy and isolationist foreign agenda.

"I would like to congratulate Donald Trump on being elected the next president of the United States, following a hard-fought campaign," May said. "Britain and the United States have an enduring and special relationship based on the values of freedom, democracy and enterprise. We are, and will remain, strong and close partners on trade, security and defence.

"I look forward to working with president-elect Donald Trump, building on these ties to ensure the security and prosperity of our nations in the years ahead."

No 10 said May had written a personal letter to Trump offering her congratulations.



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