Saturday, 17 December 2016

British Gas And SSE Customers Should Switch NOW


More than six million homes are on the energy giant's most expensive tariff paying an average £1,044 a year, showed figures from the industry watchdog.

The households could even switch to the cheapest rate with the shamed company and still save a massive £129 a year.

At the same time nine out of ten SSE customers - 3.8m homes - could shave £198 off their energy bills by moving to a cheaper provider.

Another 1.7m people could pay £208 less by switching from Npower.

It comes after Ofgem publicly revealed the average energy bill paid by a household on a standard variable tariff compared with the larger companies with deals from the 10 cheapest suppliers.

It's hoped the league table will encourage switching.

Energy Secretary Greg Clark said: "Millions of people across Britain continue to pay too much for their energy. The measures announced today are a positive step to help more people benefit from increased choice and competition.

"As the Government has made clear, where markets are not working for consumers - in energy or otherwise - we are prepared to act."

In June the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) warned in June that 70 per cent of people were on the more expensive default standard variable tariff, costing consumers £1.4billion more than a competitive market.

Energyhelpline co-founder Mark Todd said: "If you want to be skint this Christmas there's no better way of lightening your wallet than turning up the heating on a standard energy tariff.

"We hope this publication acts as a clarion call for consumers to ditch these horrible tariffs this Christmas.

"Standard energy tariffs offer almost no protection against price rises as well as very high prices. They are the worst of all worlds. Around two thirds of the population, about 40 million people, are blighted by their scourge and so considerably poorer as a result.

"The basic rule is never be on a standard variable energy tariff. They are a rip off."



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