Saturday, 17 December 2016

EasyJet Set To Recruit Female Pilots


The budget airline announced that it is focusing on employing female pilots.

EasyJet has said that by 2020 it wants a fifth of all new cadets to be women.

Last year, the carrier launched its Amy Johnson Flying Initiative - a programme designed to bring more women into the available industry.

Since its launch, it has already doubled its intake of female pilots - going from six per cent to 12 per cent.

In the first year of the scheme, EasyJet recruited 33 female entrant pilots.

Those 33 are have now either started to fly or will be starting a course soon in the upcoming weeks.

The new target by the airline will mean it is aiming to recruit around 50 women pilots a year.

The firm said that currently, only three per cent of commercial pilots are female.

And of those three per cent, only 450 have achieved the rank of captain.

Essentially, this means that every single female captain could fit on to one plane such as an A380 Airbus.

EasyJet also added that in the year ending September 2015, women made up five per cent of their pilots.

Currently the airline has 164 female pilots - 62 of whom are captains.

Carolyn McCall, chief executive for EasyJet is just one in a handful of FTSE 100 bosses.

She told sky news that aviation is one of the few professions where women are still so under-represented.

She said: “Fifty years ago almost all professions were dominated by men and over the last five decades there has been significant progress in almost every sector, with women entering and attaining senior positions in professions like law, medicine, education, finance and politics.

“However, the proportion has not changed for pilots. We would like to understand why this is and to do what we can to redress the balance.”



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