Tuesday 27 December 2016

Brits Are Extremely Greedy To Share Their Bags Of Sweets And Crisps


For the latest research shows that defying the high-profile healthy eating campaigns by tucking into big bags of our favourite snacks solo has become a secret guilty pleasure for growing number of Brits.

The soaring popularity of nights in front of favourite TV shows has fuelled the growth of big sharing bags of snacks produced by many leading food firms – but it seems that good intentions and self control are often forgotten as many people cannot resist the temptation to finish the pack just by themselves in front of the TV.

Trade magazine The Grocer reported the big snack brands say that it is good to share as more and more move their products into larger formats to muscle in on the social occasion that has become known as 'the big night in.'

"But how many Brits actually share sharing bags?" asked The Grocer.

According to a Harris Interactive poll for the magazine, almost a third of the 80per cent of Brits who regularly buy sharing bags cannot resist the temptation of eating the whole bag all by themselves in one sitting at least once a fortnight.

And a similar survey by Harris Interactive found that almost half – 45per cent – of Brits tend to consume chocolate at home rather than on the go. The report said that this tendency explains the growth in sharing formats such as bags and blocks in recent years.

The poll also found that 19 per cent of Brits and 25per cent of women admit that they feel guilty after eating chocolate.

The Grocer said: "We are becoming a nation of secret chocoholics."

This suggests the demonisation of sugar and the push to live healthier lives is making chocolate more of a guilty pleasure."



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