Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Eddie Jones To Quit England After 2019 World Cup

Eddie Jones

Eddie Jones announces he will quit as England coach in 2019, even if his team wins the World Cup.

Jones' first year in charge of England was a spectacular success, his team winning all 13 of their matches in the calendar year.

That came off the back of a wretched World Cup campaign in 2015 under Stuart Lancaster, when the hosts failed to progress from their group.

In an interview with The Times, Jones said that the demands of the job are such that, regardless of what happens in Japan in 2019, he will call it a day.

"Four years is enough. It is emotionally draining," he said.

While Jones is proud of the progress England have made this year, he believes there is much more to come from his side.

"England should be the most dominant team in Europe. We should think we can beat everyone," he said.

"I want us to have that attitude: we are dominant, the biggest team in Europe and we play like that. Like the old Manchester United side, the same as the All Blacks - the All Blacks have a couple of points' head-start in games because people expect to be beaten by them.

"I want our team to have that. I think we are getting there."



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