Wednesday 21 December 2016

Whatsapp Now Let You To Edit And Delete Messages


Whatsapp now added a special feature which will let you to edit and delete messages.

You're not human if you haven't immediately regretted a text message.

Put it down to embarrassment, anger or a combination of both, but we've all wished we could recall a message at some point .

Thankfully, WhatsApp appears to have heard our cries . A new update is set to make it possible to recall a message after you've sent it.

But there's a catch.

You will only be able to recall the message while it's still unseen. That means it hasn't hit the double-blue tick that means your recipient has read it.

Reports suggest that WhatsApp is currently trialling the option inside an iOS beta program. The feature is initially disabled, meaning users have to find and activate it themselves.

It works by pressing and holding on the message. You're then (providing it hasn't been read) given two options: Edit and Revoke.

The first lets you change the content of your message and the second removes it completely.

Although a photo supposedly showing the feature in action was published on Twitter, WhatsApp has yet to officially confirm it.



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