Tuesday 20 December 2016

Facebook Introduced A New Feature To Prevent You From UPSETTING


Facebook is often your best friend and worst enemy all rolled up into one addictive ball of procrastination.

It's finally become aware of its incentive ways though, and has just introduced a shiny new feature that will hopefully stop it upsetting you.

Sadly, no, it's not going to stop TimeHop bringing up pictures of you and that ex you've still totally got a thing for, but it will now let you block adverts that could potentially upset you.

You'll still be faced with ads, but for the first time ever, Facebook is letting you block two types of content - ads around alcohol and those related to children and parenting.

The reasoning behind the move shows an unexpected level of sensitivity on Facebook's part, as these are the topics that people find most upsetting.

"For families who experience the loss of a child, to continue to see ads about parenting and new baby stuff, that can be really upsetting," Facebook's VP of core ads, Mark Rabkin said.

Discussing why alcohol ads have also made it onto the delectable list, he added: "This is an early test that will allow people to hide ad topics they prefer not to see. We are starting with alcohol and parenting since those were the two most common topics that came up in our research."

With ads based on topics you've 'liked' and interacted with, previously Facebook would continue to serve prospective parents childcare ads after a miscarriage and those with alcohol dependence issues ads on beer brands.

Although Facebook has previously let you select preferences on the ads that you're served, this is the first time the social giant has let users actively block entire groups of ads.

It comes as a wider refresh of the company's ad preferences page, a refresh that's making the page easier to navigate.

"We're mot changing any existing settings here," Rabkin explained. "We're just changing how it appears.

"People told us that the main thing they want is for ad preferences to be easier to find and use.

You can find you're ad preferences on the Facebook app by going Settings > Account Settings > Adverts.



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