Wednesday 21 December 2016

Homeless People In London To Receive £50 million


The Mayor of London was joined by Ellie Goulding as they visited the Marylebone Project, which supports homeless women.

Plans for the fund were unveiled by Sadiq Khan, who also announced specialist funding to support female rough sleepers in London.

Housing providers will receive the cash as part of the Mayor of London’s £3.15 billion Affordable Homes Programme.

The government agreed to provide the funding in the Autumn Statement.

Homeless women will be supported by the Female Hidden Homeless Project, which has been handed its own funding.

The project, run by Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust, is particularly important as women on the streets are more likely to refuse help and more vulnerable.


It will lead to dedicated mental health support, with the aim of providing a route off the streets for women who have been sleeping rough for a long time across London.

Mr Khan said: ‘Homelessness is a complicated problem and it will take time to turn things around, but I’m determined we do everything we can to support people from becoming homeless and help them if they do.

‘This is why I’ve set out plans to invest £50 million in accommodation for people moving from hostels to long-term independent living, alongside the £9 million we spend every year on rough sleeping services.

‘Rough sleeping can be very dangerous, and homeless women are particularly vulnerable to abuse, which is why the specialist services provided by places like the Marylebone Project and the Female Hidden Homeless Project that I am supporting are much needed.’

The accommodation funded by the mayor will run on two-year tenancies to homeless people ready for independent living.



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