Wednesday 21 December 2016

Man City To Become Bigger Than Man Utd Here Is How

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Yaya Toure says he wants to help Manchester City become even "bigger" than rivals Manchester United.

Toure, 33, is out of contract at the end of the season, but is motivated to help City win the title after getting back into the side following his early season fallout with manager Pep Guardiola over comments from his agent.

The Ivorian admits it will be a huge challenge for City to win the Premier League in one of the most-competitive seasons in recent years, but he says the fact they are again in the race as well as competing in the Champions League shows how far the club has come since he first joined in 2010.

"When I signed for City, I came to this club to make history. I want this club to change, I want this club to be bigger than United. I know it's going to be a lot of work, but that's my dream," Toure told reporters.

"I have been lucky to play at big clubs -- Barcelona, Olympiakos -- those teams were always used to being champions. But City, it was something different, something changing and I am happy now.

"Every single year we are always involved in the title race. Even though we lost, and something changed or something was bad, the following year the owner put more money into the club and got better players to make it better. That's what I like, the challenge, I love a challenge.

"I want to make something very important. I already won two Premier League titles and I want more than that, another new story. What we are seeing is the Premier League is so tough, this year it's going to be tougher than any other years."

Toure believes the Premier League is different to anything that former Barca and Bayern Munich manager Guardiola will have experienced before but he says he expects him to be a success in England.

And the midfielder believes he has the experience to help the Spaniard and some of his new signings acclimatise to English football.

"I think he's seen how difficult this league is physically, but he's a very intelligent guy, he understands football very well," Toure added.

"He always has to win, to conquer a league, but he's seen that here in England it's complicated because as we've said before in England you need to be very strong in the second balls, and also the third and the firsts.

"The manager's idea is that we have to be like Barcelona. It's going to be difficult but with a lot of work we'll continue that way.

"After six years I know how this league works. A senior player like [Pablo] Zabaleta or me, we know what we have to do to win a game, we have to help the young players, we know that right now City are a team that has to win, we have pressure from the fans, from the press, home and away. We are playing well and trying to win."

Toure admitted it was hard being left out at the start of the season, but he says he used to a challenge and is ready to make an impact even if it's from the bench.

He said: "To be honest, I belong on the field you know. Even if I'm not playing I want to be at the stadium to watch. Out of the stadium is going to be difficult.

"Even when I finish, when I'm going home, I am thinking about my football and what I did and how I played and what I could change. I always want to progress.

"Of course I want to be involved, but it depends on the manager. I will be fully prepared for any situation.

"But I will give 100 percent for this club, for these fans. These fans are the only ones who sing my name. I have played a lot of football when you look at all my stats, but at City, the fans at this club are the ones who always sing my name, give this happiness to the family. If I can do more, I will do it."



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