Friday, 23 December 2016

How To Claim Compensation For Your Lost Luggage


The last thing you want when you are looking forward to your holiday, is for something to go wrong.

Whether that’s delayed flights, lost or damaged luggage or even having to sit next to someone who does not make you feel comfortable or safe.

But do you know what exactly you could claim compensation for and what you can’t?

Record it

If something happens during a flight, before or even after, film it on your phone.

Whether this is a passenger causing a disturbance or if you have problems with your luggage, you have the right to document incidents.

A video is evidence that will help prove that something happened, which may otherwise would have been harder.

Also, there have many videos of incidents on flights and at airports, which have caused a storm on the internet.

Uploading it online instantly makes whatever happened very public and has a direct hit on the airline’s reputation - which may be better than a lawsuit.

Ask to move

If you have a unruly passenger sitting next you and you do not feel safe you can ask to move to another seat.

Canadian consumer advocate Gabor Lukacs, told that the airline should be able to provide you with another seat - although this is not a legal right.

“But,” he said, “if they don’t do it and something happens to you, they will sort of be on the hook.”

However, if you do ask to move, your request has to be warranted - not liking the look of the person beside you would not count.

Lost or damaged luggage

Ever gone to baggage claim and your suitcase comes back looking like it has been in a war-zone?

If the airline has damaged your luggage then they owe you compensation. Gabor pointed out that many airlines may make a lot of excuses, such as wear-and-tear, but it is not legal.

If your luggage returns to you damaged or even if it has been lost, report it straight away and take photos where you can.

Gabor added that some airlines may also demand recipes for the lost or damaged items, however, you do not have to provide them with this. What you remember was in the bag should be enough - though you may not get then full amount then.

Once you have made the claim for lost or damaged luggage, depending on the airline, you should normally receive your compensation within 30 days.

Flight delays… and a meal voucher

According to EU law, if you are travelling to or from the EU and you are delayed by more than three hours you could be entitled to compensation if the airline was at fault.

Depending on the length of the journey and the delay, you could get up to £540 in compensation.

According to, if your flight is delayed by more than two hours and depending on the distance of your flight, passengers should be offered free meals, refreshments as well as two free phone calls or emails by their airline.

If the flight is deferred until the following day, airlines must also offer hotel accommodation and transfers between the hotel and airport to passengers.



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