Friday, 23 December 2016

You Should Delete These Apps To Make Your Android Phone Faster


If your Android smartphone is munching through its battery, performing sluggishly or getting low on storage, then it’s likely you need to check your app habits.

Antivirus firm Avast claims to have highlighted a number of popular dating, music streaming, personal interest and social network apps that take the biggest toll on your phone.

According to their research, the official Jehovah’s Witnesses app, social network, Skype-competitor WhatsCall, bookworms’ favourite Wattpad and TayuTau Pedometer, join perennial performance-hoggers like Tinder, Snapchat, Facebook and Spotify.

Those looking for someone to meet under the mistletoe need to be aware that Tinder ranks in Avast's top ten for both mobile data drainer and battery sapping apps.

Avast also has some advice for the New Year.

It said: "Feeling that post-Christmas slump? Time to reach for the running gear to work off all that turkey and your favourite fitness apps. These apps are all the rage, but they’re also heavy battery drainers and a case in point is TayuTau Pedometer.

"A great app for tracking how many steps you’ve taken, how many calories you’ve burned and how far you have walked, it also ranks at number seven in the top drainers as it runs automatically in the background on Android phones without you needing to start it up.

"Taking it on a 7 mile run lasting 50 minutes drained the battery of our test phone by 31 per cent! Make sure you have charged up before you head out of the house."


Bookworms are likely to be frustrated that Wattpad was ranked in third place in Avast's list of the most resource heavy apps overall.

This is likely caused by its notifications and followers features, which constantly check for new books and act more like Facebook than a true reading app.

If you want to limit the drain on your phone, best go to the Settings section and turn off all notifications.

However, it is the official app produced by Jehovah’s Witnesses that tops the charts this quarter for being one of the heaviest users of smartphone storage, as it allows users to download their bible in multiple languages, as well as letting them browse a huge library of high-resolution video tutorials.

If you are keen to get hold of this content, Avast Antivirus recommends deleting the videos once you’ve watched them to free up your storage.

Avast collated the report based on anonymous data from over three million smartphone users, which revealed the apps that are sucking power, data and storage from your smartphone without you even realising.



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