Thursday, 8 December 2016

How To Play Music On Your Sonos Speakers Without Leaving The Spotify App


Spotify subscribers have long been able to play music from the on-demand music service via their wireless Sonos speaker set-up.

But starting today, Spotify users will be able to control music without leaving the native music streaming app.

All the features you'd usually have to launch the dedicated Sonos app to access – like the ability to group speakers, change the volume of individual or groups of speakers, assign different music tracks to different speakers, or switching between playback via headphones and the Sonos speaker whenever you walk into the home – now live within the Spotify app as well.

After a month of testing in public beta, Sonos and Spotify this week launched the update.

The update to the Spotify app essentially turns your Sonos speakers into a Spotify Connect speaker, with Sonos' signature multi-room features baked in, too.

You can also invite friends with the Spotify app to build a playlist with you, trade off DJ duties, and add individual tracks to the soundtrack.

Those who want to take advantage of the updates will have to update to Sonos' latest 7.0 software.

How to control your music playback via the Spotify app –

1. Make sure you're signed-up to Spotify Premium

2. Update your Spotify app and Sonos software to the latest version

3. Ensure your smartphone or tablet is connected to the same wifi hot spot at the Sonos speakers in your home

4. Launch Spotify on your smartphone or tablet and start to play a song

5. When the song starts to play, tap on the button marked Devices Available beneath the playback bar

6. Choose an individual Sonos speaker – or a group of speakers – from the menu that loads

7. You can also create groups of speakers by tapping the three dots next to any given speakers' name



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