Saturday 10 December 2016

Is Facebook Republishing Your Old Posts?


Facebook users are reporting a bug that is publishing their old posts without permission.

While some users believe that they have been hacked, others say the bug could be linked to a Facebook app update that was released yesterday.

It is not clear whether the problem is limited to any one region, but reports of the issue have emerged in both the US and UK.

Most users who have taken to Twitter to complain say one or two old posts have been republished.

In one instance, however, a massive 59 old posts had been republished on a user's account.

The problem appears to be affecting images cross-posted from Facebook-owned Instagram, with one user saying: 'For some reason Instagram is reposting old posts to Facebook all by itself'.

The bug may be a result of the version 74.0 iOS app update, which was released yesterday, although Facebook has yet to confirm this.



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